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Combination: Alfalfa Q, Ashwagandha Q, China Q, Avena Sat. Q, Agnus Cast Q, Arjuna Q, Sugar Syrup Based Q.S.

Indication: a palatable restorative tonic for both man & women, controls fatgue, anaemia, loss of weight & Memory Sexual debility, Mental & Physical Exaustion, Convalesence and pepleted condition after Child- birth and after prolonged illness.

Dose:One teaspoonful thrice daily after meals.

Presentation:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:justicia Adhatoda Q, Ocimum San Q, Grindelia Reb Q, Allium Cepa-Q, lpecac-Q, Drosera-Q, Acalypha Indica Q, Cassia Sop Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication : Non productive and exhausting cough, catarrahal Conditions of Respiratory tract. Cold-Cough, Bronchial Asthama, Smoker's Cough, lrritating Cough of Tuberculosis.

Dose :1 to 2 teaspoonful thrice a day & day Children half the dose.

Presentation: 60 ml., 450 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Echinasia Aug-Q, Hemidiamus indica Q, Sarsaparila Q, Mezereum Q, Azadirachta Indica Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication :Recuring Boils Pimples, Dry Scaly and unhealthy Skin Foul discharge ,pimply Eruptor, ltching Rough Skin, Dry eczema, Pruitus and impurity of Blood, Improve Skin Condition and promotes healthful Figure, perfectly safe even for long term treatment.

Dose :One teaspoonful twice daily before meals.

Presentation: 120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination: Gynocardia Q, Hydrocotyle A.Q, psoralia Cor. Q, Calotropis Gig. Commocladia Q, Azadirachta Ind. Q, Arsenic Sulph. Flav. 3x, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication: Loss of Sensation, discolouration of Skin, Brown Spots, Coramin Spots, Leucoderma, Leprosy, Psoriasis, Elephentiasis etc.

Dose : One teaspoonful thrice daily after meals.

Presentation:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination: Anacardium Q, Ashwagandha Q,Bramhi Q, Sugar Q.S.

Indication: Mental Tension, lnsomnia, Delusion, Boon for mental workers, Develop Power of thinking, Memory & Expression, Useful in mental illness, epilepsy Hysteria, Brain 7fag regulate blood circulation in brain, improve eye sight.

Dose : One teaspoonful twice daily after meals Children: Half the Dose. .

Presentation:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Crataegus Oxy. c cactus G. Q, Strophanthus Q Valeriana Q, Terminalia arjuna Q, Convvallaria Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Cardiac neurasthenia Palpitation, nervousness,angina pectoris, Coronary Spasm, Precordial discomfort or pain.

Dose : 20 to 30 drops thrice daily.

Presentation:30 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Terminalia Cheb. Q, Holerrhea Anti Q, Andrographis Pan Q, Boerhavia Diff- Q, Chelidonium- Q, cardus Mar- Q, Carica pap- Q, Hydrastis can- Q, Hyosyamus Nig Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Tonesup digestion, erelieves Gastric troubles, Acidity Heart burn Liver troubles, jaundice, Constipation etc.

Dose :One teaspoonful twice daily before meals.

Presentation:120 m. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Chamomile 6, Gratiola 6, Mer, Cor, 6 Colocynth 6, Croton Tig 6, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Acute and chronic gastro entro enterro colitis, Summer diarrhea, pain in bowels, greenish Blood, tinged stools.

Dose :Adults-One teaspoonful thrice daily. Children-Half teaspoonful thrice daily.

Presentation:60 ml., 450 ml., 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Cephalandra Lndica Q, Gymnema Sylvesta Q, Syzygium Jambol Q, Tinospora Cor Q, Aqua Distilled Q.S.

Indication:Diabets mellitus and all its ailments it lesser Sugar and reduces the specific gravity of the Urin, Checks frequent Urination.

Dose : 10 Drops twice daily or as per direction of physician.

Presentation:30 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Alfalfa Q, Aethusa Cyn Q, Chamomilla Q, China Q, Ashwagandha Q, Abrotonum Q, Carica Pap Q, Five Phos 6x, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Oromotes appetite improve digestion, Cures rickets, malnutrition, help in dentition reduces irritability and restlessness.

Dose :children One teaspoonful twice daily.

Presentation:120 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Gentiana Chiraita Q, Androghraphis Pan Q, Tinospora Q, Ocimum Sanc Q, Attista lndica Q, Nycthanthis arb Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Malarial Fever, Chiraita Ferver Intermittent or prepural fever, thypho-malarial fever.

Dose :Adults -20 drops twice daily with water. Children: 10 drops twice daily with water.

Presentation:30 ml. & 60 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Damiana-Q, Selenium-Q, Tribulus Terr.-Q, Caladium-q, Moscus Q, Salix Nig-Q, Ginseng-Q, Withania-Somnifera-q, Avena Sat.-Q, Agnus Cast Q, Sugar Syrup-Q.S.

Indication:An aphrodisiac-Cum-tonic for Sexual debility, Sexual neurasthenia premature ejaculation, promotes mental and physical vitality, A geriatric tonic.

Dose :Adults-20 drops with 50 ml. fresh water twice a daily or as directed by the physician.

Presentation:30 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Selenium-30, Bryta Carb-30, Weisbaden-30, Sugar Syrup-Q.S.

Indication:Prevent hairloss, dandruff, split hair and premature greyness, helps in regenerate dead hair roots.

Dose :Children:5 to 10 drops thrice daily. Adults:15 to 20 drops thrice daily.

Presentation:60 ml.(Bottles).


Combination:Ficus Rel.-Q, Hamamelis-Q, Ayapana-Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Haematemesis, hematureia, Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Haemoptysis, Bleeding piles, Epistaxis.

Dose : Children: Half teaspoonful twice daily. Adults: One teaspoonful thrice daily.

Presentation:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottles).


Combination:Lapsana-Q, Ratanhia-Q, Collinsonia-C-Q, Aesculas Hip-Q, Blumia Odo-Q, Acid Nit-Q, peonia Off-Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Internal or external Haemorrhoids Piles, Fissures is helps to reduce agonizing pains, itching & Bleeding regulates bowel movements.

Dose : Adults: One teaspoonful twice daily. Children: Half teaspoonful twice daily

Presentation:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottles).


Combination:Ambrosia Arti, Q., Drosera-Q, Corralium R Q. lpecac Q., Cassia Sophera Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Whooping Cough and Similar symptoms, horassing and titllating Cough in Children.

Dose :One teaspoonful twice daily.



Combination:China-Q, Amloki-Q, Alfalfa-Q, Lecithin-Q, Ashwagandha Q, Terminalia Arjuna-Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Anaemia, Nervousness, Vertigo Debility From Prolonged Illness, Loss Of Fluid & Blood, Anaemia During Pregnancy & Lactation Builds Body

Dose :One teaspoonful twice daily after meal.

Presentation:120ml. & 450 ml.(Bottles).


Combination:Chionathus V-Q, Kalmegh-Q, Carica Pap-Q, Chelidonium-Q, Cardus Mar-Q, Myrica-Q, Luffa Bindal-Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:All Functional Diseases Of Liver, Hepatitis, Chronic Torpid Condition Of Liver, Lndigestion, Enlarged Liver, Constipation, Jaundice, Loss Of Appetite.

Dose :Adults: One teaspoonful twice daily. Children: Half the dose.

Presentation:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Kurchi-Q, Atista Indica-Q, Aleo-S-Q, Aegle Mar-Q, Tinospora Cor-Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Ameoebic or Bacillary dysentery, Colic Gastric Colitis, Bile or muscus in Stool, violent tenseness in the abdomen, stool frequently passes.

Dose :One teaspoonful twice daily.

Presentation:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Pinus-L-Q, Gossypium-Q, Senecio-Q, Secale Cor-Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Amenorrhoea, oilgomenorrgoea, it helps regulating menstrual cycle.

Dosage :40 drops thrice daily with lucke warm water stop taking medicine when menses starts.

Packing:30 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Guaicum-Q,Cimicifuga-Q, Ledum-Pal-Q, Nyctanthes Arb-Q, Colchicum-A-Q, Hymosa-Q, Abrotonoum-Q,Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Rheumatism, Gout, Lumbago, Stiff Neck, Pain in Joints, Sciatica, Arthiritis etc.

Dosage :Adults: One teaspoonful thrice daily. Children: Half teaspoonful thrice daily.

Packing:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Phytolacca B-Q, Fucus Ves-Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:For Slim and trim figures, for regulating the metabolism in cases of obesity.

Dosage :20 drops twice daily.

Presentation:60 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Caulophyllum-Q, Ashoka-Q, Helonias-Q, Abroma Aug-Q, Alteris For –Q, Viburnum Pur-Q, Sabina-Q, Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Regulates Menstrual cycle overian dysfunction, dysmenorrhea, helps in preventing habitual abortions, Improves general health, makes the patients feel fresh and energetic

Dosage :One teaspoonful twice daily.

Presentation:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Ginseng, Q, Damiana-Q, Avena Sat, Q, China-Q, Yohimbinum-Q, Caladium-Q, Salix Nig-Q, Terribulus-Terr, Q Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Sexual Weakness, Nocturnal emission, Spematorrhoea, nervous exhaustion, Lack Of Vitality, Weakness, Strengthens the genital regions, regular use will restore confidence to enjoy happy married life.

Dosage :One teaspoonful thrice daily.

Packing:120 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Granatum-Q, China-Q, Filix Mas Q, Teucrium, M.V.-Q, Chenopodium-Q, Santonine 3x,Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Pin Worms, Tape Worms, Round Worms, Thread Worms.

Dosage :Children: 2 teaspoonful twice daily.

Packing:60 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Hygrophila Q, Spinosa-Q, Cannabis Sat Q, Caulophyllum-Q, Sepia-Q, Viburnum Per-Q, Ashoka-Q, Sabina-Q,Sugar Syrup Q.S.

Indication:Leucorrhoea (White discharge in Women)Pain in Back, Burning & Itching Meness delayed or suppressed, Gidiness.

Dosage :20 drops twice daily.

Presentation:60 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Echinasia Aug. Ext-Q, Calendula Ext-Q,Achyranthis Asp. Q, Azadirachta Indica-Q, Oil Based Q.S.

Indication:Weeping Eczema, Itching, Wet Scabies, Septic Ulcars, Gangrine etc.

Direct for Use :Rub Well or apply on the effected parts twice or thrice daily.

Presentation:30 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Calotropis-G.Q, Psoralia Cor-Q, Hydrocotyle-Q, Gynocardia Q, Oil Based Q.S.

Indication:Leucoderma, Psoriasis, Leprosy Discolouration Of Skin, Elephantiasis etc.

Direct for Use :Rub Well or apply on the effected parts twice or thrice daily.

Presentation:30 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Calendula-Q, Echinasia-Q, Hypericum-Q, Azadirachta Indica-Q, Calc. Carb Based.

Indication:Anti-Septic, Healing-Soothing Powder, Septic Wounds, Boils.

Direct for Use :Apply on the effected parts twice daily.

Presentation:15 gm (Plastic Container).


Combination:Azadirachta Indica-Q, Hydrestis Can-Q, Eucalyptus Q, Terebinthina-Q, Calendula Ext. Q, Oil Base.

Indication:Cut Burn, Pain in joints, Sprain, Gout, Itching with redness ,pain in chest, Antiinflamatory, Paralisis etc.

Direct for Use :Rup well or Apply on the effected parts twice daily.

Presentation:30ml., 60 ml. & 450 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Mullein Oil Q, Plantago Maj-Q, Calendula-Q, Oil Based Q.S.

Indication:Ear ache, Otitis, Ottorrhiea, deafness..

Direct for Use :Instill 2 to 4 drops twice daily.

Presentation:15 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Plantago Ext-Q, Phytolacca Ext-Q, Hamamelis Ext-Q, Staphisgria-Q, Kreosite Ext-Q Calendula Ext-Q, Cal-Card & Mag., Carb added as base

Indication:For decaying teeth and gums, Toothache, Pyorrhea, Bad breath, Inflammed Gums

Direct for Use :Rub the powder gently on teeth & Gum regularly two times daily.

Presentation:15 ml.(Bottle).


Combination:Salicylic Acid-Q, Benzoic Acid-Q, Sulphur-Q, Petroleum Jelly Based.

Indication:Eczema, Scabies Itches, Ringworm, and other similar Skin troubles.

Direct for Use :Apply directly on the effected parts twice or thrice daily

Presentation:15 gm(Bottle).


Combination:Hamamelis Q, Calendula Q, Echinasia Q, Berbaris Aqua Q, in Cream base.

Indication:Skin erupthais pimples, Acne & Blemishes.

Direct for Use :Rub well on t effected parts everday

Presentation:Packing 30 gms.(Tube).


Combination:Aesculus Hip Q, Hamamelis Q, Plantago Q. Paeonia Off. Q, In Cream base.

Indication:Piles, Fisures Burning and itching on anus.

Direct for Use :Apply gently on effected parts .

Presentation:20 gm.(Tube).


Combination:Thuja Oc Q, Causticum Q, Antim Crud Q, in cream base.

Indication:Effective ointment for Corns & Warts.

Direct for Use :Massage regularly on effected parts, twice daily.

Presentation:20 gm.(Tube).


Combination:Jaborandi Q, Arnica Mont. Q., Cantharis Q, Oleum-S Q, Cinchona Q, Til Oil based.

Indication:Baldness Hair failing, Dandruff, Premature Hair, Greyness Of Hair.

Direct for Use :Apply regularly at hair roots twice daily.

Presentation:60 ml. & 100 ml.(plastic Container)& 450 ml.(Bottle).

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